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Roldano Zappalà

Roldano Zappalà

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Anghiari (AR), Italy

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Currently most of my work focuses on the development of mobile and desktop applications, proposing innovative integrations at low costs and with rapid development times thanks to the nocode technology. Sometimes I teach nocoding to elementary, middle and high school teachers, as I am part of the expert external trainers of the FutureLab high school. I have had plenty of experience in programming in many disparate sectors. The drive to learn new things has always been a great boost for me, and thanks to this I can say I am able to analyze the needs of customers down to the smallest detail, leaving almost nothing to chance.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Apps by Roldano
TDS Tracking System

A logistics app for managing a national distribution network of spare tires in France. It includes apps for drivers, pages for administrators, and a tracking system. Dynamsoft's advanced "barcode scan" component is implemented. It uses geocoding and reverse gecoding functions.

Digital Bando

Research for non-repayable grants, Corporate targeting, Plan subscription. This app share data with a second backoffice app where Non-repayable grants are managed and distribute to the targeted user of Digital Bando and sent via email with enclosed PDF generated trough 3d party integration.

Point of Sale

This Glide Page is a point of sales, stock management, and inventory application. I offered this as a Template. It can be useful for small local businesses.

Monte Carlo

Main features: Odds Marketplace, Odds Calculator, Find best odds from Sportbooks, Wagers tracking, Live Scores, Sport News. This MVP was abandoned by the property. It remains in the portfolio as a demonstration work, just to evaluate the U.I. and api integrations.

Geography All The Way - Podcasts

Particularly interesting from the point of view of the contents it deals with, the main goal of this app is to support the website which provides online Geography resources for Geography teachers and students at Key Stage 3 (11-14 yrs), GCSE (14-16 yrs), IGCSE (14-16 yrs), AS (16-18 yrs), A2 (16-18 yrs) and IB DP Geography (16-18 yrs) level.

Eventi Sociali

Main features: Fleet management, Contact management, Sale of advertising space, Realization of the contract in PDF format, Geolocation.

Emporio Vapori POS V

Point of sales, Catalog browsing, Products preorder, Membership Methods for smoking cessation. It includes apps for customer loyalty, and pages for managing sales in the store.

Simple Bill Of Materials

This Glide Page is a web application focused on simplified BOM management. I offered this as a Template. It can be useful for small businesses that need to draw up a bill of materials and components used to produce an end product or an assembly. The main purpose is to offer two main results: 1) quantifying the cost of an item which is given by the total of raw materials or components that were used to assemble it; 2) keep stock under control.

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