Community Expert

Naos Wilbrink

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Areas of expertise
Google Sheets, Google Script, Data Modeling, Zapier, Workflow Automation
Naos Wilbrink, I’ve been in the marketing technology space since 2000. - First as developer, classic ASP - Then as DBA - SQL Server - Started a successful native mobile app agency (sold to Merkle) - GA Pilot, SR20 with ambition to make it my work - MD for Nodes Agency * I have experience running Sprints, Data modelling, Marketing Funnels, and Persuasion models. Extra’s * Volunteer for Stichting Reckoning / Insite In Action * And help my wife with her leadership business
Apps by Naos Wilbrink

EO Challenge

The EO Challenge app is an app geared for private group sharing. Much like closed Facebook groups. You can start a any challenge at any time. Add some simple configuration and the sharing challenge is fully hosted. Including leader boards and video instructions.  Naos Wilbrink Community Applications Share app Sign Out Glide Experts by Glide Made with Glide from a Google Sheet, without writing any code. SHARE APP Share on Facebook Twitter Copy Link SHOW FULLSCREEN Scan with camera to install app.

Passenger Manifest

I lost the access to this app because I lost that google account and therefore access to the sheet. I will be recreating this one soon.  For being Airside you need to have your passengers in a Manifest. Yes you can use Word,... or you use this app and you can carry the Manifest with you. Including "tickets" for your passengers.

EO Challenge

Every 2 weeks, my wife invites people to the Oil Challenge. Sending people little samples of oil that they can experiment with in their own home. Per time it's a closed group of which some didn't want to be on Facebook. Here they can share their findings only with their small group.

Street Cleaners

This app is made for 2 foundations joining hands in fighting Covid-19 victims. In this case it's homeless street cleaners in Amsterdam who used to get lunches but the kitchen had to close. This app helps volunteers get organised. They make the lunches in shifts.  The app has generated invite codes, to ensure only friends of friends are onboarded. If you want your own code, you can contact the directors. Info is in the app. 


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Why is a phone call required?

During your kick-off call, the Expert will determine whether Glide is a good fit for your project and outline a high-level strategy for creating your app. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long. Some experts may charge $20 for this call.

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