Expert Revenue Sharing

Share in revenue from clients you refer to Glide.

Glide Experts can automatically share in the revenue of clients they refer to Glide. Revenue sharing applies to your client's total spend on Glide, including unlimited usage overages for updates and users. As apps scale in Glide, revenue sharing scales with them.

To participate in revenue-sharing, you must already be a Glide Expert.

How to Become a Glide Expert

Join the Experts Program using your Glide account.

Then, set up your PartnerStack account. You will receive a welcome email after you sign up to join the expert community.

How to Earn Automatic Revenue

  1. Your client creates a Glide team. Note that you cannot create the team first.

  2. Your client invites you (a registered Glide expert) to their team.

    • See previous section if you are not already a registered Glide expert.

  3. If you are the first registered Glide expert to join their team, your PartnerStack ID will be mapped to this team.

If the client team upgrades to a different plan, you will automatically share in the revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Expert Revenue Sharing? Ask the Glide community.

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