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Creating a Sustainable Future with Glide

Food2Soil built an app to help their technicians track the processes and data around their work and better communicate with their community.

Creating a Sustainable Future with Glide
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The Challenge

Food2Soil is a thriving network of neighborhood compost hubs in San Diego, California. They're a coordinated group of compost technicians, who replenish depleted soil with nutrient-rich compost, with a mission to build a future that is resource-wise and resilient.

Food2Soil is big on tracking data to improve how they work. Pen and paper were their initial tools, but as their operational footprint expanded, it was clear that a digital solution was necessary.

We went down the road of doing custom app development, and in hindsight, we just were not ready for it. Just as the custom-coded app was getting developed, our processes had evolved to the next stage, and the app became this white elephant that technicians just hated using.

Sarah Boltwala-Mesina, Founder.


Building a custom app for their work in a fast-paced company was a difficult, expensive proposition.

It was time to say, "OK, we definitely need a digital solution!" The paper copies were getting lost. What are the digital solutions? Are we going to create one? We didn't have the money to sink into another app. Then, I found Glide.

Sarah Boltwala-Mesina, Founder.

The Solution

Food2Soil needed a solution that would keep their existing processes organized, and grow with their systems as they scaled. When they discovered how they could use Glide to modernize their workflows and customize it as they grew, it was a game-changer.

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SoilFarmer app made by Food2Soil using Glide, an app for their technicians.

Of course, our processes are still changing, and that's the beauty of Glide. It can change with us.
The technicians are precise in how they cultivate our compost, tracking extensive data for each batch as it goes through the cycle of food to soil. This data collection allows us to learn from each other. Our systems are constantly improving and with Glide the flow of information has become so much faster.
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They not only used Glide for their processes but also for creating more meaningful relations with their community than in the past:

Glide also allows us to communicate even better with our community. We want to change the perception of compost and make it a natural part of every community. Everything is getting uploaded via our Glide apps, and our social media manager takes the photos from there to share them.
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