Senior Frontend Engineer


San Francisco



Senior Frontend Engineer

Job Description

Every facet of every Glide app is the input and output of a global, reactive computation, in the same way that cells in a spreadsheet are. This is a radically different way for software to work and poses unique challenges. Come help us solve them.


  • Develop the Glide 'builder' environment where users create their apps
  • Create amazing new mobile UI experiences
  • Talk to and learn from customers

About You

  • At least four years of experience as a software engineer
  • Confident working in at least three programming languages
  • Fluency with React, TypeScript
  • Passionate about software quality and correctness
  • Has worked on successful software products
  • Strong communication and organization skills
  • A love and respect of customer-centric, design-driven software development


  • Mobile development experience (iOS or Android)
  • A strange fascination with spreadsheets

Our Stack

Glide is implemented with TypeScript. We have a custom component system that implements a reactive computation model similar to spreadsheets, that currently has React and React Native bindings so that apps run in the browser and natively on iOS and Android.

We use GitHub for code collaboration, have integration tests in place, and use GitHub flow & CI to automate deployments from branches across staging and production environments.


We believe the ability to make software is a universal human right, so our mission is to create a billion new software developers by 2030. We will accomplish this by making it easy & fun for anyone to create amazing apps without code.


Glide is founded by four former Xamarin/Microsoft designers and engineers. We’ve worked at startups of all stages and at large corporations. We have decades of experience in product design, compilers, mobile platforms, and developer tools.

We're also veterans of open source–two of us were key members of the Ubuntu team at Canonical, and we've created many other successful open source projects.


As founders, we are passionate about helping our colleagues flourish. We are still small, so our culture is something you will help shape.

We are committed to creating a diverse & inclusive workplace.


To apply, please:

  • Briefly explain what Glide is and why you want to work on it.
  • Include your LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble, portfolio, or any other online profile you think is relevant.
  • Create a video with Loom to introduce yourself and walk us through some work you're proud of. Dig into the details and show us what makes it special.

We are so excited to work with you!