Community Manager





Community Manager

Job Description

We're looking for a Community Manager to help us support and grow our awesome Glide community.

Our ideal Community Manager:

  • Loves Glide and building Glide apps!
  • Knows the product inside and out, and stays on top of all updates
  • Is active in #insiders and is the first to test new features
  • Is a compassionate and polite communicator

We will pay a flat weekly rate assuming a couple hours of work per day, so this is very flexible and can be done after work or school if you have other obligations. The role will likely grow.


We believe the ability to make software is a universal human right, so our mission is to create a billion new software developers by 2030. We will accomplish this by making it easy & fun for anyone to create amazing apps without code.


Glide is founded by four former Xamarin/Microsoft designers and engineers. We’ve worked at startups of all stages and at large corporations. We have decades of experience in product design, compilers, mobile platforms, and developer tools.

We're also veterans of open source–two of us were key members of the Ubuntu team at Canonical, and we've created many other successful open source projects.


As founders, we are passionate about helping our colleagues flourish. We are still small, so our culture is something you will help shape.

We are committed to creating a diverse & inclusive workplace.


To apply, please:

  • Briefly explain what Glide is and why you want to work on it.
  • Include your LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble, portfolio, or any other online profile you think is relevant.
  • Create a video with Loom to introduce yourself and walk us through some work you're proud of. Dig into the details and show us what makes it special.

We are so excited to work with you!