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Updates: May 1 2018

May 1, 2019
David Siegel

🔑 Public apps with email sign-in

You can allow anyone to use your app, but require them to sign in with a verified email address.

🗳️ Choice component

The Choice component allows users to pick a value from a predefined list of options, taken from a column in your sheet.

🗑️ Delete items

Allows items to be deleted from their edit screen.

💕 Duplicate apps

Now you can duplicate your apps. This duplicates the app and the attached sheet. Soon you will be able to duplicate the app but  choose to keep the same sheet.

💬 Chat message grouping and name labels

Chats messages are now grouped by sender, and name labels help you see who said what.

📬 Email notifications

Users who have entered their email addresses (when posting a comment, chat, or signing in) will receive emails with new comments or chat messages. Notifications are sent at most once per day.

Users can open the app from the email or unsubscribe.

⭐ As always

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💐 Other updates & improvements

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