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Updates: December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019
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🖥️ Install on Desktop

Chrome and some other browsers can install Glide apps to your Mac or PC. Just open any Glide app in your browser as usual, then click the ➕ in the address bar.​​

👨‍🎨 20,000 New Layouts

Make your app unique with over 20,000 design combinations for every list. Watch a cool video about it.​​

⚒️ Editable Data Editor

Glide's Data Editor can now… edit data! Great for making quick, simple edits without leaving Glide.​​

💱 In-app purchases in over 100 currencies

In-app purchases can now be made in the currency of your choice–from Albanian lek to Zambian kwacha!

👍 10,000 New Icons

The world’s largest icon pack is now available to make your app unique.​​

🖇️ Copy on Press

Long-press on addresses, phone numbers, links, and other details to copy.​​

💐 Miscellaneous

  • 🙈 Control component visibility
  • ✅ Checklist layout makes finishing your todos a breeze
  • 🖋️ Manually enter Rich Text
  • 🖼️ Add stock photos in Data Editor with Unsplash

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💐 Other updates & improvements

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