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September 2019 Updates

September 2019
David Siegel

💾 Introducing the Data Editor

💡 Create your own templates

In your app's privacy settings, you can now allow anyone to copy your app & sheet to create their own app.

👀 Preview cell values when choosing component properties

Quickly preview cell values before assigning data to your components

📎 File Picker

Upload files as URLs in your spreadsheet.

🗺️ Users can see their location on map views (Pro)

Perfect for guidebooks, conference apps, etc

🛠️ Improved Add, Edit, and Delete configuration

We've improved their discoverability and usability.

💐 Other updates & improvements

Form submissions are confirmed by a pop-up
Improved feedback on double-bound columns
If you bind multiple components to the same column in Add, Edit, or Form pages, you'll get better feedback