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Updates: May 17, 2019

May 17, 2019
David Siegel

⭐ App of the week

Roskilde Festival app

Roskilde Festival explores artists and festivals from the last 50 years. Available at roskilde.glideapp.io and launched on ProductHunt.

👥 Per-user data

Glide can show different rows to different users, based on the email they logged in with:

🎨 Bold Theme & Custom Accent Color

We released a new Bold theme with big titles, and you can now set any color as your accent color:

🍿 Video Series: Welcome To Glide

We've created a playlist of eight videos to teach you the basics of using Glide:

🙊 Delete chat messages

You can delete chat messages in the builder:

🌎 Translations

Glide apps are now translated into a growing list of languages, thanks to these volunteers:

If you'd like to help us translate Glide, please email Mark, and we'll add you to our custom Glide app.

🙋 Community

Our next Glide Together (community video chat with the Glide team) is on Monday, May 20. Please add it to your calendar and dial in!

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💐 Other updates & improvements

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