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Updates: July 12 2019

July 12, 2019
David Siegel

🗳️ Forms

The Form Button  displays a form that can append data to any sheet, even sheets that aren't displayed in your app. Forms make more powerful apps possible, like an issue reporter or even AirBnB. If you previously used Google Forms to collect information from users, you can now do all of this in Glide.

👻 Special Values on Add & Edit Screens

You can attach special values like the current user or date when adding items. Combined with per-user data, each user can create and edit their own items that others cannot see.

🔍 Search Inline Lists

Inline lists are now searchable. Use this technique to search many sources of data on the same page—for example, employees, offices, and documents.

⚪ Pure White Theme

Just like the Pure Black Theme, but white with black accents.

💖 Promoter Pokémon

We created a new lightweight CRM app that you can copy called Promoter Pokémon. We wrote a Medium post about how we use it at Glide.

💐 Misc

  • Any list can be displayed in reverse order.
  • Fixed a timezone issue affecting the order of comments and chats.
  • Reloading is 1,000x faster for large sheets.
  • Option to show newest comments first.

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💐 Other updates & improvements

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