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August 2019 Updates

August 31, 2019
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🌎 New 'Share app' panel

Makes it easy to share your app via SMS, email, social, and more.

🎨 All-new component configuration

Our redesigned sidebar makes component configuration more approachable and fun to play with

🖋️ Display-only components on Add, Edit, and Forms screens

Give context using Text, Images, Titles, and other display-only components

❤️ 'Heartier Favorite' component

The Favorite component is now a heart rather than a toggle

☑️ Checkbox component

Our Checkbox component is perfect for to-do lists, and it's featured in our new Attendance Tracker template

🎭 Add and Edit screens for the same sheet can use different components

For example, in a directory app you might want to collect all properties when adding a new employee, but only allow editing a few properties.

🖇️ Keep same sheet when duplicating apps

You can now choose whether to keep the same sheet or make a copy when duplicating an app. This is crucial for making 'admin' versions of apps that allow editing.

🖊️ Required entries

Mark editable components on Add, Edit, and Form screens as Required to ensure your apps collect exactly the data they need.

Sort & Filter items in Glide

Alphabetize employees, sort expense reports, create categorized inline collections, without spreadsheet magic and your data remains live and editable

💐 Other updates & improvements

Sheet renaming
You can rename sheets (tabs) in your Google Sheet without resetting your screen configurations
Delete comments
Delete comments by right-clicking on them in the builder
Email entry component
Entry component optimized for email addresses
Maps now change with your app's theme
No more blindingly bright maps in dark apps.
Inline Map List
You can use the Map layout for inline lists
Per-user inline lists & list references
Just as you can do with top-level lists