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Updates: April 2019

April 18, 2019
David Siegel

App of the Week: Inside Glide

Inside Glide is our most vital "dark app" at Glide.

It continuously monitors conversion, retention, trending apps, and more. It also contains an employee directory, and is protected with email login so only employees can open it. Learn more and build your own version!

App analytics

You can see how many users (unique devices) accessed your app in the last 30 days:

Edit Item

You can now enable and customize an edit page for any detail page:

Glide Library

Glide Library is a collection of guides, videos, and documentation to help you create amazing apps faster. You can access it by clicking the Documentation link in Glide.

Comment, chat, and login export to sheets

Comments, chats, and logins now export (one way) to your sheet so you can monitor activity in your app. Comment/chat moderation is coming soon.


Please join our community at spectrum.chat/glideapps—nearly 300 people actively help each other with apps, beta test new features, and discuss innovative uses for Glide.

We're hiring!

We're hiring designers & engineers in San Francisco to accomplish our mission of creating a billion new software developers by 2030. Know anyone great? We have a lot to do, please refer them! Learn more at glideapps.com/careers.


  • You can use array columns like Photo 1 and Photo 2 individually
  • Google Sheet graph and chart images update hourly
  • Large images are automatically scaled down to load faster
  • Images in list are automatically loaded as thumbnails
  • Updates made in apps now cause the sheet to be refreshed within 15 seconds, rather than only waiting for Google Drive to notify Glide of changes in the sheet. For example, if you toggle a Switch that affects other values in your sheet, those changes should flow back to your app in seconds instead of minutes.

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💐 Other updates & improvements

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