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Employee Directory

View and search staff members, locations, and company information all in one place.

Employee Directory
Employee Directory
Asset Manager
Applicant Tracker
Incident Reporter

Create apps visually, without code.

Glide makes designing your app easy and fun.

These ain’t your average apps.

They're based on spreadsheets
Your app and your Google Sheet stay in sync.
They're a snap to build
Drag-and-drop components like maps, signature pad, and file uploader.
They look great
Glide's professionally designed layouts adapt to each platform.
They work everywhere
Use them instantly in a browser, iOS, Android, tablets, and desktops.
They're always up-to-date
They automatically update with speed, security, and design improvements.
They're private & secure
Use passwords, email login, and row owners to control access.
You can build them together
Invite your team to collaborate on your own library of apps.
They're uniquely yours
Add a custom domain and branding to make your app unique.

For several months we struggled to launch our health and wellness app; we even hired a team of developers, without any success. We were able to spin up a working version in Glide in just a weekend, and launched it last week to rave reviews.

Gannon Wegner
Gannon Wegner
Digital Marketing Developer, Maricopa Healthy

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